How to Deal with Debit & Credit Cards of Closed Accounts?


Bank accounts are a really necessary part of our life if you are a grown up person who often does transactions. Then I don’t think you can imagine your life without a bank account. But sometimes we close the bank accounts which we used earlier. There can be a number of reasons why you or I might have closed the bank accounts once we used.

But here is the thing we are discussing is not just about how you can close your bank account. The real matter is what to do with the debit card and the credit cards.

I am talking about those debit and credit cards that are linked with the bank account that are closed now and no more operational.

Can I Keep the Debit Card and Credit Cards of Closed Bank Accounts?

The first question you and I should ask ourselves is are we permitted to keep the credit card or the debit card?

What do you think?

The answer to this question is not exactly definable.

Becasue there are some of the banks which allow their customer. To be precise the Ex-customers keep the debit card and the credit cards with them. Even after closing the bank account.

But this is not the case with every bank that is operating in the world.

Some of the banks ask their customers to return the debit cards as well as the credit cards during the process of closing account. This totally depends upon the management framework of the bank. And the protocol they use when the customer is closing the bank account.

In another case, the banks will take the content of the customers regarding what they did with cards that were issued.

I can quote the example of the Yes Bank for the explanation of this case.

Yes Bank is one of the Indian banks. And when some customer approaches the bank with the request to close the bank account.

The Yes Bank asks him or her to fill and submit the bank account closing application form. In the same form, there are a few options among which the customer needs to select one. This is regarding what they did with the debit card and the credit cards that were issued.

The options will be like,

  • I have returned all the cards to the bank.
  • The cards have been cut in half by me.
  • I have damaged the card and disposed them properly.
  • I wish to keep the cards with me and take care they are not transferred to someone.

The Cards are with Me What Can I Do Now?

Ok, so now let us assume that your bank did not ask you to surrender the cards when you were closing the bank account.

And that is the reason why you have the cards issued to you. And now the concern is what better can I do with these cards.

The most important thing you should keep in your mind is. These cards are no more operational.

But why?

That is because the bank account to which the cards were issued are closed and no more operational. So there is no need to worry about the misuse of the card.

The cards assosicated with the closed bank account can not be used anywhere. So just stop worrying about those cards.

You can cut the cards and dispose the same in a proper way. Or if you like to collect the cards, they add them to your collection.


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